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The Artist

Olivia Hamza is a Canadian oil painter and concept artist for the film and video games industry. Originally from Montreal, she studied fine arts at Atelier de Brésoles for a year where she learned how to paint in oils in a realist manner. Intent on diversifying her artistic influences to create a style of her own, Olivia leaves her home town to study animation at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. She stayed in Toronto for an additional two years following her studies in order to refine her artistic skills at Studio West under the mentorship of international artists Peter Chan and Keita Morimoto. Still in pursuit of a unique approach, she then seeks artistic mentorship in L.A. with the artists Nick Gindraux and Joon Ahn whose portfolios exhibit a truly unique sense of fantastic surrealism. Through the consolidation of these experiences, Olivia found her artistic style and message.Her personal work; oil paintings of fantastic themes painted in a surrealist style, have an intimate quality about them. Despite their dark and desaturated color schemes, they radiate optimism and strength. Olivia’s work has been exhibited internationally at the contemporary arts museum the Museum de Arte Marco in Mexico as well as the Pictoplasma Character portrait Gallery in Berlin and many galleries across Europe. The best-known movies to which she has contributed as an artist include digital visual effects work on Thor: Ragnarok and A Wrinkle in Time.