Geddes is the portrait of a young woman whose emotions range from pensive and introspective to resentful and resigned.

The transience of the sentiment depicted is what creates a strong pull in the piece.

This artwork originates from my Toronto atelier in 2017 where I studied portraiture, I have revisited "Geddes" for my recent solo exhibition which examined the theme of "Study in the Arts". The portrait, in oils, is a pillar of Western Art and this specific portrait was meant as a study for the purposes of practice; not intended as a final piece. It is therefore the authentic artifact of the process of learning.

For the exhibit, I refined the background of the artwork. What was a collection of abstract shapes in hues of green - the actual backdrop behind the model - worked against the emotions the sitter was setting forth. Therefore, it was revised with a classical mix of raw umber and black adorned with subtle abstracted wisps of pink fabrics in the darkness. The wisps create a sense of dynamism to counterbalance the stillness of the pose while representing the sitter’s inner turmoil.

A piece of this nature is best set alongside other portraits as the subject’s gaze can command attention in a room. A vertical row of small portraits can diffuse the intensity of the sitter's emotion while gracing the room of it’s artfulness.

Oil on cotton canvas
16 x 20 in